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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please contact us.


Do I need to do anything if I switch my phone service over to digital service?
YES, you need to test your alarm system while the phone technician is still on site. There is a way to make your service work with your alarm system. It is a matter of wiring it all correctly. If the technician can’t make it work, then we will need to schedule a service call to get your alarm working properly so that it sends out the alarm signals to the monitoring station as it should!


Should I register my alarm if I live in the city? 
Yes, please go to Alarm Ordinances found at the bottom of the page. 


Will VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) work consistently with my security system?
No.  In order to transmit emergency signals properly using VoIP, the signal must be converted to digital, and then converted again to analog.  It is during this conversion that problems develop.  Usually the signals arrive at the central monitoring station with errors or not at all.  Also your alarm panel has a backup power supply in the event of a power failure.  Because traditional phone lines will still work when your power is out, your monitoring station will still receive proper signals.  With VoIP, your phone service (specifically your IP router and/or modem) will not operate during a power failure, preventing any kind of signal transmission from your alarm panel to the monitoring station.  


If my telephone line is cut, will my system still work?
If you do not have a digital system that utilizes either cellular transmission or your internet provider then the answer is NO.  If your telephone line is cut or the phone lines are out due to a storm and you have a system that only utilizes the landline, then it will not be able to send the signal to the monitoring station.  We do have an option that can be easily added on to your security panel that does utilize the cellular transmission and/or your internet provider. 


Will my security system protect my home in the event of a fire?
We highly recommend that every alarm system have low voltage smoke detectors that are programmed into the security panel. Electric smoke detectors can not be programmed into the security panel. When you have your smoke detectors as part of the security system, you have the added benefit of the monitoring station being notified when the panel sends the signal and thus the fire department is dispatched immediately.


What happens if I set my alarm off and the monitoring station doesn’t call?
If you set off your alarm and Security Central did not call you, call us immediately. We can check with the monitoring station to make sure that they didn’t receive the signal. We will then schedule a service appointment to come out and check your system. It may be that the security system itself is not working properly or the way it transmits the signal (landline, cellular transmission or internet provider). We will find out why the monitoring station did not call you.


Can you monitor my alarm system without a phone line?
YES. We offer a Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) radio that utilizes cellular transmission. We also offer an iGSM that can utilize both cellular transmission and your internet provider to send signals to the monitoring station.


Do you have a panic button that I can carry with me?
YES. As long as you are within the range specified for the button in relation to your security panel, then you can utilize a remote panic button. We also offer a remote “key fob” that will allow you to arm and disarm your system again as long as you are in the specified range. The “key fob” not only can arm and disarm your system, but it can also be programmed to include a panic button. This is a great accessory for your keychain!


Can you add a Medical button to my system?
YES. We offer a remote emergency medical pendant (necklace) that is waterproof. It can be added to your existing system to dispatch the proper authorities in case of an emergency.


How do I update or make changes to my call list?
You may call us to update or make changes to my call list: (919) 383-7610


Can I pay my bill online?
YES. Click here to submit your payment over our secure network or you can always call us. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Do you provide cameras?
Yes. We offer a complete line of HikVision and Axis cameras for homes and businesses.  We also install IP video cameras that work with Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service and DMP's My Virtual Keypad service.  You can remotely view all cameras in your home and/or business!


Can I access my alarm system remotely?
Yes.  We can install and program your security system to be accessible through either Total Connect from Honeywell or the My Virtual Keypad App from DMP.  Total Connect and the My Virtual Keypad App allow you utilize the Internet, PDAs, cell phones and other web-enabled devices to control your security system, receive information remotely and much more.