Hurricane Florence- Potential Power Outages
With the threat of power outages from Hurricane Florence, we want to make sure you can reach us in case of an emergency. We are putting procedures in place to have our phones forwarded in the event of a power loss. Security Central is our monitoring station but also our answering service for emergencies.  They can help you get in contact with us during the power outage. Call 888-684-2684, the representative will prioritize your request and will contact the on call technician if necessary. Please note this may be a very difficult event and we will work as diligently as we can to handle emergencies. If your power is out and your security system is beeping and saying "low batt"- you can simply power the system down by unplugging the battery in the panel. The panel is usually a metal box located in a closet or basement. If you do not have the key, the lock can be popped simply by using a flathead screwdriver or butter knife. The battery has a red and black wire with a plastic end, slide them off the leads. Your keypads will no longer be illuminated thus the system is powered down.  
Please feel free to email us with any non-emergency concerns and we will address them when the office reopens. 
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National Fire Protection Agency  |  North Carolina Electronics Security Association  |  Home Builders Association: Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties

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